Yoga Classes

You are most welcome at my yoga classes.

Please contact me for in-person classes in Bridport, Dorset.

I teach on Thursdays at 1 pm (lunchtime) at The Bridport Leisure Centre

And Tuesdays at 10 am at Bothenhampton Village Hall

I have been teaching online too but for now my online classes are suspended. Pre-recorded classes are available.

What you need

Please wear comfortable clothing, such as leggings and a T-shirt. A yoga mat is helpful but is provided.

You may want to buy yourself some yoga equipment. This allows you to practice at home and attend an Iyengar Yoga class in person at any time.

Ideally, besides a mat, you would need at least 4 foam blocks, 2 bricks, a belt and a yoga blanket.

For more information 

Send me a message via my email at if you are interested in attending my in-person classes in Bridport, would like a recording of one of my online classes or would like to discuss 1-1 classes.

I look forward to seeing you in a yoga session soon!